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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. tonight oakland police chief says his officers made a mistake in a shooting. it happened as they were trying to chase down 3 suspected robbers outside a restaurant on clay street.
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they spotted 3 guys matching the description on jefferson street and one officer opened fire woundsing someone who had nothing to do with the robbery. today chief howard jordan said the teenager shot by officers was an innocent person. jordan says when officers arrived to investigate armed robbery in front of the restaurant here a witness directed them toward 3 teenagers block away matching the robber description. officer says he perceived a threat and opened fire. grazing the teen's jaw. >> following preliminary investigation we determined that the young man injured swols the 2 companion were not responsible for reported robbery. and were unen involved. >> chief jordan calls shooting unfortunate and department contacted young man mother internal affairs is investigating of course the shooting. >> meantime the shooting of paramedic in the oakland hills just become a murder investigation. the victim of that crime paramedic shot in the head on tuesday sadly has
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died. 34-year-old quinn boyer pair immediate whoybing works in santa clara county passed away at high land hospital late today. boyer shot at least twice while in the car on keller avenue tuesday just before noon. investigators believe he tried to drive off but then crashed into a ravine. killer is still on the loose. investigators don't know what led to the shooting. they wanted of course to interview boyer when the condition improved but it did not and they can not interview him obviously. boyer employer santa clara county ambulance issued a statement that says this quote. our hearts are heavy with emotion. quinn was very well liked by all of his colleagues and was very dedicated in his role as paramedic. he will be greatly missed. >> keep in mind these are the very same paramedic who also worked with brian stowe the giants fan who was so severely beaten 2 years ago outside dodger stadium. >> tornado may have touched down near red pwluvd bluff. video from you tube. funnel
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cloud shown and they say the cloud touched down therefore becoming tornado. spencer is here with more on it. spencer? >> show you live doppler 7 hd of the bay area where conditions are mainly dray rate now but we do still have years of drizzle and spotty sprinkle in fact we had a report from one of our producers driving from the south west part of san francisco down to pacifica of having to turn wipers on encountering wet pavement not raining but we have some 80's of moisture hitting the ground. let's get to the area of the 2 tornado reports. 2 reports of this first one report came in at 6:50 tornado touching down at the or near the city in take haim county. damage or injuries of that anything then 9 minutes later at red bluff a second report of tornado touching down. this one was witness to have been on the ground for duration of 2 minutes. funnel cloud featur
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featuring debris being swirling around in the clouds so very unusual weather. but it does happen occasionally as thunderstorms rumble through the area this evening. looks like storms winding down now. more on this later. >> thanks very much. >> parents of several autistic children in antioch are suing tonight claiming the kids teacher abused them. what is more they claim that school administrators knew about it and did nothing. the story tonight from 7 news education reporter lee ann. >>reporter: this is 5-year-old evans autistic kind garthen who takened this school in antioch. his parents attorney told us evan and at least 4 other autistic children were abused by their special education teacher. 55-year-old teresa allen call boy. >> this teacher forced their faces hard on rug and furniture they were injured. they squeezed them so hard that it left bruises on numerous children. >>reporter: 3 family have filed a civil rights complaint
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in federal court against the teacher of the school district and other officials. according to the complaint the teacher is said to have pinched the nipple of another autistic kid to follow instruction. for months parents complained to the principal. in fact one of the parents threatened to good to police. >> the administration of the antioch school district quote de-escalateed her close quote. and got her not to the make a report to the police. >>reporter: but eventually another parent did go to the police after teacher aide came forward. that's when the district finally placed the teacher on administrative leav leave. contra costa county district attorney's office may file criminal charges. that office didn't want to talk about the case. school district didn't either. this letter confirms that one month after being placed on leave the teacher teresa allen resigned. still when we called the school today and dialed her extension
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we found her voice mail was still in use. >> you have reached teresa allen call boy grant elementary special education teacher for k 1 autism. >> i don't know the whereabouts of the teacher. she rae side in contra costa county. >>reporter: teacher lives in brentwood. but when we knocked on her door, no one answered. >> it's the law. it is criminal not to report suspected child abuse if you are a teacher, principal or an aide. that's a crime. >>reporter: now school is out because of spring break so the district has not received the complaint. the superintendent did e-mail us only to say he can not comment on personnel matters. in antioch, abc 77 news. >> san francisco fire department is getting a big donation to help make firefighters safer. firemen fund insurance is giving 25,000 dollars to mark 150 years in business. most of the money go toward research on the high rate of cancer among firefighters especially women. female firefighters in san
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francisco listen to this are 6 times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than women in their 40's across the united states. >> people in several bay area cities may have to wait another week to have the garbage picked up because of a trash collector strike. team steer union members picketed outside the head quarter of waste allied service today's. bay area walk out means garbage truck didn't make the round in these cities listed here. if you live in the areas here's what is going on. there is no contract issue here but local workers walked off the job to support a strike going on in ohio. >> corporation doesn't want to come to an agreement. with fair kbs and they want to take the pension plan away. >> it creates a service disruption and service delay. we are doing what we can to mitigate the issue on the must
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serve customers, hospital, large service account. >>reporter: teamsters to remain off the job at least 2 more daisy. >> all right now to a crime that is on the increase throughout the bay area and it's as simple as it is diabolical. somebody knocks on the door. if you don't answer you are the fix victim. because that's when a band of burglar breaks into the house n.this case a crime that was caught on camera. vick lee has the story. >> security video shows a woman with an infant in her arms appearing at the front door. she knocks and rings the door bell. the homeowner told abc 7 news nanny is in the house but doesn't answer because the woman is a stranger. at one point she look through the windy to see if anybody is hom home. a little while later 2 people appear in the back of the house after jumping a fence from the neighbor yard. video shows them trying pry the sliding glass door from its tracks. they use metal bar as well as a shovel to looseen the door. but they are having no
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luck. they suddenly dash off. apparently startled by the nanny who looked out the window. moments later one of the intruder who has taken his hat and shirt off jumps over the fence back into the yard again. he left something important in his hasty retreat. the homeowner says it looked like a store variety radio scanner. san jose police spokesman officer albert. >> fortunate that the somebody was home and was able to cooped of basically scare them away and they took off and left. >>reporter: morales sits may have turned out differently if the intruder actually got into the house and confronted the nanny and the child. >> 14-year-old boy had been shot and killed over here in gang related incident. >>reporter: strong is a board member of the autumn terrace homeowner association. he says only gang activity and burglary but rash of other crimes here in the development of over 100 homes. >> i don't know of a home here that doesn't have at least one car broken into since we have all moved in. >>reporter: in 2012 home
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burglary in san jose increased an alarming 23 percent from the previous year. the numbers are still rising this year. >> increase this year has been 13 percent i hope crease compared to the similar time lastu  year. >> nanny in that particular incident called homeowner and the homeowner then called 911 and police did respond medley. now we did check with other city in the bay area and appears that the home burglary are on the rise elsewhere. vick lee, 7 news. >> all right there is much more ahead tonight on 7 news at 9:00. coming we learn more about the man using wal-mart at drive through. tonight the serious charges for very dangerous crime. >> president obama leaves the bay area but not before generating some controversy over california attorney general. >> plus about that baby is gon gone. >> the a's find the power. larry has all the highlights in sports.
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we are southwest. welcome aboard. ichltd. >> man accused of crashing his car into a wal-mart and car wash in san jose is now facing
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attempted murder charges. this is the red cutlass in the wal-mart store this past sun. several people injured. more now from david louie. >> 33-year-old is man had to be prompted by bail i have to stand before the judge as he talked to his attorney and learned he's facing 12 felony counts including attempted murder. district attorney office says the actions last sunday before and after he plowed his car through the entrance at wal-mart showed premeditation. that his intent was to kill someone. >> if maneuvering within the parking lot, his entrance into wal-mart, what he did prior to that which is basically stop, rev the engine and two through the store. >> this is chaos outside the store seconds after the car ran through the entrance. part of san jose police report released for his court appearance. defense attorney victor said he hasn't rae viewed all the
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evidence from investigators because difficult agrees with being charged of attempted murder. >> i'm suggesting they are off base, yes. from what i know. >>reporter: 10 of the 12 count against him are related to the wall mart incident. however the district attorney office also aheaded 2 charges from three months ago when he was accused of crash ing into a hand so say car wash. at the time police thought had he lost control of the car as he tried to drive off after striking another car 3 miles away but now he faces attempted murder charge. 2 employee nearly struck as the car shoved merchandise shelves across the floor. he's also face a felony vapdism charge. security camera video and recent wal-mart crash prompted review. >> we have fv looked at the evidence and pulled video in trovrns that and have added 2 counts to this case that involve the chevron incident. >>reporter: he will be back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. if convicted of all
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charges he could be in prison for the rest of-life. at the hall of justice in san jose, abc 7 news. >> tv hewlett-packard board chairman stepping down in poured shake that up the shows problems. british company 2 director also departing and interim chair is now stepping in to take the reigns. >> president obama is back in washington after overnight fundraising trip to the bay area. his comments at the end of the trip though are generating some kochbilitys the president boarded air force one and depart from san francisco international airport having raised more than 3 million dollars for democratic candidate at 4 high price bay area events. two in san francisco last nature and two in atherton this morning. now after the second fundraiser president obama was praising california attorney general parris. he said quote you have to be careful to first of all say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and tough and then he
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said she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney gem in the country. well a lot of reaction on the internet on twitter and facebook. new york magazine blog was fairly representative when it said the president is in need of gender sensitivity training. all right. let's go talk about the weather forecast. >> talk about thee1 tornado in f the county. >> things really calm here but there were powerful storms rumbling through the area and very often when the air is unstable and really powerful storms they can trigger funnel cloud or tornado. we don't have any reports of damage yet. that's good news. here is the bay area things calm. live doppler 7hd not picking up any vivid green on the radar screen so there are no areas at the moment of actual significant measurable precipitation but there is spotty drizzle around the bay area. plenty reports of. that written fall we have measurable rain fall last 24 hours especially north bay.
9:18 pm
inch at santa rosa and 6 to 7 techt at napa san rafael. nearly an half inch in san francisco and oakland and in fairfield. but just 15 hundredths of an inch down at mountain view san jose and over in the east bay in livermore. but we have had our share of wet weather today. live view from the east bay camera in emeryville. temperature readings 56 degrees in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 58 in san jose. another live view from the roof top camera at abc 7 looking along embarcadero bay bridge and further go with temperature readings at this hour. 57 degrees napa fairfield 59 at union city and tomorrow afternoon at at&t park giants playing. here's our if forecast feature. spotty overnight showers cloudy conditions. mostly cloudy tomorrow the big game. unceltsed weather the weekend. close in on the park we are at 1:35. game starts giants season home opener against the
9:19 pm
cardinals. conditions mostly cloudy. don't expect rainfall at that time but slate chance of some light scattered showers in the afternoon tomorrow. temperature 60 degrees. should be pretty good day for basebal baseball. on we good to the satellite radar composite. frontal system manufacturing through earlier today. well on to the bay area now. has taken most of the moisture with it. rate now a little bit of a break and just some low clouds and spotty drizzle moving through but active stormtrack and there are more disturbance headed our way that means the weekend of unceltsed weather. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which pnt it's cloudy. patchy fog. tomorrow cloudy as well. might be spotty drizzle early saturday morning next wave of substantial rain starts to move through. that will swing through quickly break up. a little bit of a break in the precip. and then sunday morning another batch of written moves through with showers. should break up rather quickly as well. sought weaned won't be a watch out but some periods of wet weather. overnight tonight low temperatureñi in the low 50's
9:20 pm
tomorrow under cloudy conditions with again just slate chance of scattered light showers. high pressure mainly id mid upper 60's. here's 7 day forecast. again unceltsed over the weekend so some period of wet weather but also break with sunny break. warming up tuesday wednesday thursday under sunny skies. high pressure will be at or above 80 degrees if our inland start to really feel like spring. >> thanks very much. >> just ahead here tonight. dramatic rescue of lost hike intersouthern california. signal she sent that may have saved her life. >> amazing story. off duty bay mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make
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is. >> teenager lost in the southern california wilderness for 5 days has been rescued and just in time. she was in bad shape having trouble breathing and going in and out of conscienceness when found. eileen with this happy ending. >>reporter: the smiles on the on the faces of rescuers says it all. >> it's amazing. so it was really, really rewarding. >>reporter: before noon rescuers located kendall jack. after hiker heard the 18-year-old screaming for help in the canyon. brush so thick authorities say they could only hear her at first but not see her. >> we were just talking with her. told her don't move. we are coming to get you. >>reporter: ground crew then directed a helicopter in. tlt sheriff's deputy a paramedic was lowered down to her. >> she was kind of clinging to a ledge on a cliff side kind of going if and out of conscienceness. having
9:25 pm
difficulty breathing. fv pain >>reporter: jake's wearing shorts, sweatshirt and has no shoes. she also has an injured arm. has gone 4 days without food or water. >> very dangerous. she wouldn't have made it much longer. she's really, really lucky. >>reporter: authorities say jack was found close to where searchers rescued her 19-year-old friend nicholas night. the family friends got the news about him before 8:00 o'clock last night. authorities say he was dehydrated and disoriented. he's recovering in the hospital. officials say the 2 were located about half mile from where they left the car easter sunday. in an area searched by hundreds over the past few days. authorities believe the thick brush and steep terrain helped hide them. >> yes. yes. definitely a miracle. >> prettyen credible. c we are really happy. >>reporter: also during the rescue today a reserve orange county sheriff's deputy fell 60 feet and suffered a head
9:26 pm
injury. he is in intensive care in serious condition tonight. this is abc 7 news. >> pinole police officer proved this weekend that he's never off duty even on vacation. surveillance video from honolulu international airport show as woman assault ago security guard on saturday. nobody was coming to her aide so corporal justin rodgers from pinole pd jumped out of the line wait to go travel and then took down the attacker. he quickly alerted oncoming security he was an off duty police officer. raising his hand i'm a cop i'm a cop handcuffed the woman gave his statement and still made his flight back to the bay year. local federal authorities thanked corporal rodgers for his happy and he's now back on patrol watching the streets of pinole. good job. >> we have more to bring you tonight on 7 news coming up driving danger. wait until you see where this russian soldier ended up. >> exercising for your heal.
9:27 pm
which is better running or walking. interesting findings. >> family survival. chased underground forced to live in a cave for nearly 2 yeevrments amazeings story of triumph against all odds. >> also here. remembering roger ebert. man who influenced a nation of movie influenced a nation of movie goers
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour again with north korea latest escalation moving a long range missile to the nation east coast closer of course to the u.s. u.s. is tracking the mobile missile and the launcher. it has the ability to strike japan as well as u.s. bases in okinawa and guam. adding to the fear? today the young leader of the
9:31 pm
north said quote the moment of explosion is coming. in washington, d.c. officials are also tracking every move of course of the north korean leader who thinks young leader exactly playing aggressive game on the world stage so suddenly jonathan karl on the clue being pieced together tonight. >> imagine the cia information on the world most mysterious leader before he taking power 15 months ago this was tomorrow known photograph of kim. snap shot of boy just 11 years old. >> we still debate how old he is. we think perhaps 30 but he might be 28 or 29. >>reporter: bruce is the former head of the cia korea yichbility very little is known about somebody's's finger on a nuclear button. >> he and older brother study under fake names at this private high school had in switzerland. former classmate offer a window into who he is.
9:32 pm
describing the map they knew as calculating leader on the basketball court. >> he would call the team together. would point out the successor the shortcomings of the players e-family private chef said the father ruthless dictator after drinking heavily one night dismissed his oldest son as quote girl and insatisfied that boy is like me. but interestingly now kim is imitating his grandfather, north cae founder. notice the hair style. the hat. like his grandfather he gives big public speeches. in contrast his father is only known to have uttered 2 sentences in public. ever. grandfather gained fame and power by fighting the japanese in world war 2. now kim is taking on a bigger superpower. even threatening a nuclear attack against the united states. but like his grandfather also a brutal
9:33 pm
dictator, the grandson is believed to be coldly calculating but not crazy. >> how stable is he? how have till -- volatile is h he. >> dangerous but not unstable. i'm not concerned that north korea will launch a single nuclear war head against washington. they would know that's national suicide. >>reporter: white house officials believe the threats are more tactical than move towards real war. nobody knows for sure. this is abc news the white house. >> three months into the year already 6 pedestrians fatality in san francisco and that has city officials looking to change traffic law in order to protect them. today supervisor yee held a hearing at city hall to figure out why pedestrians accidents have gone up since 2009. 2 of this year fatality happened in hads district including lowell high school student killed on slow avenue. this young woman. transportation officials may add more stops and turn restriction on cars as well and
9:34 pm
giving pedestrians more time to get across the street. >> well, why run when you can walk? new study says when it comes to your heart one may actually be as good as the other. according to a principal researcher l pall williams of lawrence barecly lab, walking briskly than clear high bloop and diabetes and compared tens of thus of runners and walker. bottom line really is distance rather than speed. reap the most benefit. slngs the amount of energy expended is the same, health advantages are similar. >> seems majority of americans want marijuana made legal. concerning to the pew center 50% say that should be the cas case. in more than 40 years of polling on this issue this is the first time most americans submit legalizing mayor juan. 84 percent were opposed in 196 1969. in favor of ending prohibition on pot and when it comes to government spending on marijuana, 72 percent now say
9:35 pm
pot law cost more than they are worth. >> flowers place bid roger ebert star on the hollywood walk of faichlt legendary movie critic died today at the age of 70 after long battle with cancer. >> he entertained us and enlightened us about film. change the way we look at the movies. his thumb up or thumb down could make or break a fil film. david explains the path of by near who rae define his own role while judging others on the screen. >> this is the chicago trib. other than. >> they weren't jaws show. the simple words could drive americans to the movies. critic who famelis feuded. when they saw eye to the eye delivering trademark 2 thumb up that could help send a movie to no. 1. in fact studies in the years showing 2 thumb could deliver huge dividend for a movie. ebert first film create
9:36 pm
toybing win a prize for his work. he's recognized as review who loved to talk. sweaters. tried mark glass. he and long time reviewing partner that sparred like long time married kim ichltd what about the movies and character. >> roger is honest. >>reporter: gene died in 1999 of brain tumorñr. years later roger ebert face great east test too losing portion of his jaw to eat and drink after cancer surgery. turning to computer generated voice to do the speaking for michlt this is my word but not my voice. this is the computer voice i can find. he would use the computer to speak about the gift of talking. gift he took for granted. >> for most of my life i never gave a thought to my ability to speak. it was like breathing in those days. i was living in a fool paradise after surgery for cancer took away my ability to speak or drink i was forced
9:37 pm
to enter this virtual world in which a computer has done my living for,would he describe in his dreams that still speak. >> that just like i was in life. you could never shut me up. >>reporter: two days ago roger final twivrng. my live of presence. 46 years ago. april 1967 at the became film critic. telling followers i'm not going away hoping to still write reviews while he bagsed cancerening the letter by writing thon day of reflection i say again thank you for going on this journey with me. i'll see you at the movies.
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9:41 pm
discovered artifact deep inside a cave in ukraine. signs someone lived there. but who? the answer is recounted in new documentary no place on earth as news anchor terri explains about a family that survived underground more than 500 days. >>reporter: in the darkest day of the 20th century as shadow of the holocaust fell across europe for few jewish family in a little ukraine village courage of 1 woman was the difference between life and death for her 2 sons. >> if i was not this type of mother i wouldn't be alive. >>reporter: ester mother of 6 understood that to save her family she would have to did something unimaginable. >> be very smart mother she told us whatever they told to you do, you did the opposite. >>reporter: tv they remember how their mother tack them and 4 other family underground. 38 jewish men women and children
9:42 pm
would spend a year and 146 days deep inside 2 vast caves. they lived in darkness in fear of being discovered. one man from each family would sneak out at night risking his life to fovrj for food. built shower. la trend. collected drinking water from lake inside the cav cave. they made the dark abyss a home. >> you are in paradise. >>reporter: were you in the cave but free. >> 43. free man. not afraid. >>reporter: finally in april 1944 the russian army liberated the area and the 5 families, 38 juice, came back into the ligh light. back into life on earth. >> that ordeal living underground for 500 days or more how did it shape your lif life, the life that you did survive to live. >> just happy to survive. then life started to turn normal. >> this is completely different story because it was a happy ending. >>reporter: in 2010 for the
9:43 pm
film internow 92 and 86 return to the cave. >> i know where i am. sf now i feel in good. >> deeper into the darkness symbol of the resilience where the family even their names in the rock to signal to the world we are here. >> here i am. >>reporter: today the 38 survivors now have more than 125 children grand children and great grandchildren. rae minding us of had he brew blessing that means more life. reward when they came out of the darkness. thinks abc news new york. >> just incredible. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. gates of hell. archeologist announce a real life
9:44 pm
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it's the all-new lincoln mkz. >> facebook wants to change the way you use the phone. today the menlo park company introduced new software called home that makes the social network the hub of the mobile phone. works on any phone opening the android system. zuckerberg says the idea is to bring content to the home screen rants requiring to you check app. new home system available on april 12 but only work on handful of android phones initially and then of course it will be expand from there. >> archeologist have located the gates of hell. they say a cave in south west turkey is the portal to the under world that was called plot 0gate after the god of the here afte after. story tonight from tv dan harris. >> gate of hell have long
9:48 pm
figured prominently in myth logically minded movie and tv show. from clash of the titan tl to the vm pyer slayer where the town of sunny dale built on top of the hell mountain. now scientist say they discovered the actual entry way to the under world or where the ancient consider it to be. if picketing a sinister lacking pulsating portal, well not so much. this is what is left of the so-called pluto gate. the ruins in south west turkey once elaborate temple built around a cave people led believe went straight to the depth of hell. 24 ad the greek history storn wrote this is full of vip or so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground. any animal that passes inside meets instant death. that's why the scientist put on gas mask is scientist put on gas mask is for their work
9:49 pm
it is an ork logical find thrilling enough for indiana jones plot but this is not the first claim laid to satan front door. this crate or one of the other alleged gate of hell. fire there burning for more than 40 years. but back in those ruins in turkey they covered up the entrance to the gates of hell which is perhaps for the best. we all remember what happened in raiders of the lost arc when they dug up relimb us artifact of the dead. use a loaded phrase. all hell broke loose. dan harris, abc news new york. >> sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone. let's go back and check the weather. spencer is here. >> all heck breaking loose today but it's gone now. live doppler 7 hd. no significant precipitation but spotty drizzle. tomorrow state wide northern side of the state,
9:50 pm
l.a. high of 71. palm springs of 90. in the bay area tomorrow after over nature of cloudy skies and spoke they drizzle a little bit of patchy morning fog then mostly cloudy skies throughout the evening with just a slight chance of scout erred thundershowers tomorrow. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast unsettled mavie moves through this weekend. periods of rain and periods of sunny skies. next week we dry out and warm-up. high pressure midweek next week and low 80's inland. >> very nice thanks spender very much. >> russian soldier replacing court martial after driving this vehicle in a lamp post. watch. the video that she was driving the tank. officer watches the fifth of the start. erratic driving and then oh. the abrupt halt. by most accounts the soldier was driving under the here.
9:51 pm
>> they really. >> yes no drink before driving a tank. >> rule of thumb. 28 it ought to be the. >> fear the beard. josh whole new level. if up or down. but delivers first hit home run of
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get on board for better sleep. it's sleep train's interest-free for 3 event! get 3 years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster,
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9:55 pm
>> or lack there of. josh wants everybody to know it's his fate to do what he wants with, people. that means he keeps the long beard and as long as he keeps whom ering nobody mind that much. play of the game here. look at the big dude with the bare handed catc catch. plaid flannel. guest it done. seattle pitcher making major league debut. welcome to the show. bottom of the first reddick started the season prompting the call to shave and reddick 2 run homer. 4 rbi what a start for seattle moore. fourth homer of the season already cuts the lead t.on pace. hit 162. a's he's not my he is yours. get used to the it people t.second of the year blast to them. 3 game set with the astros.
9:56 pm
>> especially we knew we were a good team didn't show it pingt 2 games. for yesterday today come out with split series huge for us on to houston and confidence. good to see that kind of production under your line up and speed limit pitcher mite main at ease. fun to know you are going to go out and work around the board. >> bomb away in toronto. 7 homeers in the game. j p hit 2 of the 5 bomb this afternoon. starting pitcher mark and mike have era after 10 on this one. toronto first win and it's slug fest 10-8. why not us. reached final 4 for the first time in l history. warm send off from fans here heading to new orleans. nobody expected louisville catch match up.
9:57 pm
upset baylor no. 1 team in the condition try. >> yaw con natureer name are the true and true. i realize how maceing for teams in the final him if 4 in 6 glaers a row it's neat. pretty good game with a lot of players and feels need to represent the west coast. >> talk fba. best in the west squaring off. first quarter certainly attacking the rim and kevin had 25 points. dribble to the hoop with authorities. beats duncan. went 100 to 80. half game behind the spurs top record in the west. vl rush mid a joke about offering 5000 dollars in cash to any official that would call a technical foul against arizona shawn miller. can't do that. >> heat is on auburn following accusations that the school altered grades of failing players on the 2011 national championship team. offered
9:58 pm
coaches reportedly paid players and covered up positive drug test players remayan main on the scene. everything else was perfect aside from. that investigated by the next few years but no sanction were handed down. >> to golf masters next week. ladies with the first major of the year. craft of championship picture perfect day in rancho mirage. temp in the is in scoring in the 70's. pvl par 72. nice approach on 10 within a foot. tap in birdie. 3 way top. she birdie 18 4 under tie with if these women. funny moment in the first round of the bolero open that's for double boeing easement kick the ball into the water except the punt is a little bit short. he has to
9:59 pm
jog over. retrieve it and dispest of it manually. bad ball. he's 4 over on the tournament. leader 5 under by the way major controversy brewing in our sports department upstairs. another one another one. our collin explains that he orman natured the not my mine but yours catch phrase. a little dispute over who originated it. back into the archives and his claims were completely unsubject stan aitd. i started it and i'll finish. >> really. over state it a little. >> l writer embellishment. murky as to the original 98 toyvrment you good tote say it alive. >> as long as he keeps tonight home run. >> that's very much. that's this edition. for all of us
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